Writing is my passion. So is helping another addict and alcoholic. I am lucky enough to have survived a horrific and tramatizing addiction of opiate’s and I’ve now been abstinent from all drugs and alcohol for many years. I have no formal or professional training. I’ve never attended any type of schooling in the field of addiction. I do not hold any certificates, diplomas, or PHD’s. I simply qualify because I lived through the Hell of addiction and I’ve got first hand experience on how I was able to crawl out and begin a new and better life.

Here, at thewakeupjournals.com, I share honest stories of my Experience, Strength, & Hope, with the full belief that it can help the addict who is still suffering, help the addict who has found a new way of life, and/or help the families that addiction has effected.

Please reach out and send me an email if you are struggling or you know someone who is.

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